Conference Central Controller AV-PRO-Ⅲ

With the increasing demand of intelligentization, all kinds of audiovisual equipment, projector equipment, conference systems and more have begun to enter all walks of life. Instead that it is enough for a meeting room or audiovisual teaching room to have a podium, a chair and a microphone in the past, more and more advanced multimedia equipment and instructional facilities are needed at hand. At present, a lot of equipment is included such as projectors, LCD screen lift, recording devices, HD cameras, computers, screen splicing, signal switchers, etc. And large conference rooms even have been fully equipped with simultaneous interpretation system, electronic voting system, paperless conference system, video/audio processor and more. The integrated use of a variety of equipment makes the operation and management more complicated: turn on multiple types of devices on the power supply, turn on/off lights, control curtains, switch to different audio and video signals, adjust volume, change conference modes, etc. The multimedia central control system is particularly important. This new network central controller can not only manage the various equipment of the local conference room well, but also connect to multiple central controllers by networking for remote management of multiple conference rooms, making graphic information sharing more efficient and convenient.

Built-in CPU and large memory for application of various programmable logics.

Adopts IR input and storage technology, stable and reliable.

Equipped with manual emergency IR switch and system reset button.

Equipped with an LED indicator to provide real-time feedback on the current communication status.

Equipped with multiple RS-232/RS-485 control interface that can connect to various types of third-party devices by customization.

Built-in multiple IO interface, which can trigger the specified serial port for data communication through programming logics.

Built-in multiple IR interface, independently control the remote-control IR device. Support IR self-learn through the buttons and indicators on the front panel.

Built-in multiple control interface for weak current to control the on-off state of equipment like power sequencer.

Built-in WLAN port, NIC slot and optional NIC for upgrading network remote control.

Control by PC stand-alone/network software, wired/wireless touch screen, as well as Android and IOS tablet.

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