• Integrated Solution to Distributed Audio & Video System

    Overview of the Project This project is to build the intelligent audio and video system for a command center complex. There are four regions: The Duty Room on the first floor (10 meters long, 10 meter

    2020-06-15 Guangzhou Xunkong

  • Design for Command Center

    Design Sketch for Command Center

    2018-11-01 Guangzhou Xunkong

  • Integrated Solution of Distributed System

    Adopt Xunkong distribution and control signal transmission technology, establish an efficient and practical real-time command system, realize the intercommunication and sharing of audio and video signals in multiple regions, and achieve the goal of unified and centralized management control of multiple signals.

    2018-11-01 Guangzhou Xunkong

  • Solution to Paperless Command Center

    This project aims to design and build a modern intelligent conference room, establish an efficient and practical electronic environment for command conference, and create a leading and applicable intelligent paperless conference room.

    2018-10-31 Guangzhou Xunkong

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