Xunkong is a brand for high-end AV products belonged to Guangzhou Xunkong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Since it was established in 2004, Xunkong had been devoted to working on the R&D, manufacture and sale of audio and video products and other related businesses. With 15-year’s diligent management, Xunkong had gained a number of new high-tech product certification, multiple patent for utility models, design patents, copyright of computer software, etc. as well as various domestic and international certifications in AV product industry.  Besides, we have more than 20 branches in different provinces of China, providing high-performance products and professional service for thousands of projects including some national cases.       

The brand has developed for a such a long time with high reputation and numerous successful cases. With long-term accumulation, our products become more stable and perfect. Meanwhile, with experienced researchers, production management and perfect supporting equipment, the talents in our company made great progress through long-term study and practice so that they could easily satisfy our customers.

For more than 10 years, investment for the development and research of new product has increased year by year, improving the production capacity and anti-risk capability for featured customized products. Moreover, with strong competitive advantage,  Xunkong works in high efficiency for special environment solution and customization.

Our service network is going to be perfect since we have established so many   branches named “Xunkong” with Industrial and Commercial registration in almost all the provincial capital in the whole country, which can service customers nearby in a long time. As a national brand, we take Xunkong as our life, practice what we preach and aim at winning good reputation.

Devoted to AV industry and better service, senior leaders of our company are with entrepreneur spirit and responsibility so that our products are as qualified as international brand and offer better local service.

In the coming future, Xunkong will be devoted to development and innovation as always, and strive to become an international and top-ranking audio and video brand.

Just choose Xunkong for your sincere partner.