Electronic Table Name Card for Conference System D4030

This Electronic Table Name Card for Conference uses the E-ink screen technology. Thanks to the good reflectivity and contrast of the E-ink screen, the content displayed on the screen looks like that written on the paper by ink, comfortable and natural. In addition to the excellent display effect, the ultra-low energy consumption of this electronic table name card makes it used for a long time without recharging to replace the battery.








Screen: E-ink Screen, 7.5 inch, Double-sided screen

Pixel: 640*384

Pixel Color: Black/White/Red

Viewing Angle: 180°

Working Voltage: 3V

Battery: Several button batteries can work in parallel, and the batteries can be replaced, usable for about 2-3 years.

Dimensions: 176*137*80mm

Weight: 250g

Default Font: Song Typeface

Connection: Scan a QR code, Bluetooth

It has an Android APP for editing, with built-in template available and one-key picture display supported.

It supports Excel batch import.

Automatically correct the text coordinate.

It displays Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional, capital and small letter of English, punctuation, Emoji, etc.

The three-color E-ink system working principle: Using different voltages to make particles of different colors move to the upper layers and finally display in different colors.