Paperless Conference Service Software V 1.0

Paperless conference software is composed of server end and client end. Running all over gigabit network environment, the paperless system provides powerful conference management functions, including the confirmation and release of conference information, agenda reminding, check-in, voting, sharing and marking the material of the conference, using the same screen, making notes, and asking for services during conference, such as a cup of tea , or a piece of paper or a pen, etc. offering the attendees a multifunction paperless conference platform.

1. Support the selection of two conference and screen modes: hardware with screen and software with screen. When the terminal screen of each conference is synchronized, there is no lag or delay.

2. The conference host can initiate the same screen at any time. Other participants cannot exit from the same screen, but other contents can be displayed on the desktop, or can return to the same screen at any time.

3. Ordinary participants can apply for co-screen invitation, and the meeting host can choose to agree or reject the co-screen request;

4. Support the display of conference tables and CARDS, with double screen display function, showing the name, organization and position of participants;

5. After entering the system, all terminals automatically display the table and card information of this seat, which is convenient for participants to check the number of seats. The meeting host can also control all the terminals to display the table and card information at any time, which is convenient for management.

6. Support real-time meeting check-in function. When check-in, the large screen will scroll to display the list of participants who have not yet signed in, and update the number of people who have signed in and the list of those who have not signed in in real time.

7. After check-in, the application function can be resigned, and the check-in data can be updated synchronously;

8. It has the function of voting, voting and scoring for the conference. It supports the simultaneous processing of a number of conference topics.

9. Voting supports dynamic display mode, and voting results can be updated in real time;

10. Support public data, local usb flash disk and personal data to be managed in three ways. The contents of public data can be viewed by all participants.

11. All the meeting data documents support multiple comments, handwritten notes, circle and mark changes, etc. The updated contents can be saved in the personal database or Shared with other participants.

12. The meeting materials support document formats such as word, Excel, PPT, TXT, PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and video format files such as MP4, AVI, RM, RMVB.

13. Support the electronic whiteboard function. Ordinary participants can use the personal whiteboard and save the content to the personal database.

14. All meeting information will be automatically saved in the server's personal folder named after the meeting after modification and preservation, so as to facilitate the collection and management of information after the meeting;

15. Support the real-time information communication function between participants, which can be sent to all participants or designated separately;

16. Support the function of meeting notes, and automatically save them to the server for security and confidentiality;

17. Support meeting service functions, such as sending requests for tea, paper and pen, technical support, two-way feedback and quick response;

18. Support multiple external video access, such as remote live meeting, on-site monitoring video, etc., and the meeting host can put the external video to other conference terminals and large screen display with one button;

19. The conference terminal supports the function of applying for leaving the meeting, and the conference terminal is locked with the consent of the conference host. The table and card display state is not operable.

20. The meeting host can operate to suspend and resume the meeting. After the meeting is suspended, all the meeting terminals are locked and cannot operate the meeting.

21. It has a floating control menu that can be hidden, and a sliding/pull-down pop-up can be used to manage and participate in meetings more efficiently and conveniently.














  • With core program under unattended operation, automatically run the software after start-up.

  • Authorized to login into the background of the client-side.

  • Support login password setting, available for the password customization.

  • System Management supports checking function menu, skin selection, designating the reporter, one-screen enforcement, etc.

  • Personnel management allows user-defined adding or deleting attendees, editing the name, identity, position and login password of the attendees.

  • Set up a conference interface which shows user-defined ranking, number of attendees, start and end time, and select the attendees.

  • Conference Ranking can preset the attendee and the seat number.

  • Conference agenda can directly import the edited document of the conference.

  • Conference document management can upload files, classify the files and authorize attendees to read the files.

  • Conference vote setting is available for disclosed ballot and secret ballot, customizing the name of the buttons, supporting  voting through multiple choice and questionnaire and export the voting result.

  • After-conference management supports viewing and exporting the check-in list, and downloading or deleting the document of the conference.

  • Support switch on/off the terminal computer remotely.

  • Automatically record the operation log of the paperless system and view it.


  • Support multiple ways for login and check-in, including login and check-in with account and password, auto login or check-in with binding attendee information to the seat, or by taking photos.

  • Host-side can initiate the voting function and support multiple forms such as single election, multiple election and questionnaire.

  • With Conference agenda which can read the agenda document uploaded by the administrator at any time.

  • With the electronic whiteboard editing function can be directly scribbled or selected for file editing, which can be saved after editing;

  • With the reading function for conference documents which shall be set to read shared documents.

  • With one-screen demo function, all participants can watch the speaker's computer screen in real time.

  • With viewing function for participants, graphic interface to display the name, seat and real-time check-in of  the participants.

  • Support online chat, and call service with one click.

  • Support real-time conversation after joining the network audio chat room.

  • Upload and push video files in WMV format .

  • Support the projection  with one key.

  • After connecting to the external network, web browsing is allowed.

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