Audio processor software V 2.0

It is available for the system designer to use the supporting software to design and control the entire complex sound system. As a result, the audio system can be very simply constructed and controlled, which solves the problem of the A/V industry that it is quite difficult for the non-professionals to build and control professional audio system. At the same time, the system built has strong expansibility, which can be easily expanded and quickly managed from basic single processor to large multi-channel audio processor network. Compatible host: D3010, D3011, D3012

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  • The software must run on the Windows platform.

  • Capable of interconnection communication between the audio processor network interface and computer network interface.

  • Process the signals from any channel of the audio processor by software.

  • Output channels can be adjusted for feedback suppression, noise gate, high-pass filtering, low-pass filtering, 1s delay device, limiter, and 16-segement equalization (PEQ/Hi ghShelf/LowShelf).

  • Slight adjustment and preservation of each output channel of high-pass filtering, low-pass filtering, 16-segment balance (PEQ/Hi ghShelf/ LowShelf), limiter and delay device.

  • Software can be used for sound mixing  and adjusting sine wave, pink noise, white noise signal generator.

  • Various scenarios can be preset based on the audio processor.