Wireless Signal Amplifier SV-TNT

Wireless signal amplifying and distributing system is integrated with an Antenna distributor and 2 antennas, having access to multiple receivers. Receiving the signal in better Signal-to-Noise Ratio and offering 4 groups of power output for the receiver, this wireless signal amplifier extends the distance and strengthens the stability with easy installation.

Adopting the active component and feedback with high kinetic energy and low noise,  new design for the circuit with current-stable and bias-voltage, this wireless signal amplifier highlights ultralow distortion, eliminating the interference of mixing when multiple channels are in use at the same time, with approximate zero gain for distributor output. The external antenna is the directional antenna  which can receive the signal out of the bandwidth as band-pass filter to eliminate the interfering signal.

  • Output/input impedance: 50Ω

  • Trial frequency band range 500-900MHz

  • Gain for output/input: 0dB (frequency band center)

  • Insulativity of output end: 20dB

  • Gain:13Bm

  • Connector: BNC

  • Power: DV12~15V 2A

  • Current Consumption: 170mA

  • Load Current:<1700mA

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