Wireless Microphone SV-U800

and the four antennas automatically switch to select the signals to avoid receiving dead points. Equipped with the multifunctional power amplifier of Movie&KTV system, it adopts Hi-Fi 5.1 sound channel decoding technology and merging technology of cinema and KTV, supporting FLAC lossless decoding, arbitrary switching for HDMI multi-channel input and HDMI audio demultiplexing. Under the template scene analysis and control, equipped with a 4.5-inch front and surround array speaker, the 3D effect like cinema can be created.

  • 144 UHF frequency channels in 9 groups is available for option.

  • Adopting the diversity receiving system, four sets of independent receiving lines for the most stable reception.

  • LCD power display, all working state at a glance.

  • Advanced digital sound code locking technology can effectively block noise interference in the work environment.

  • Automatic channel selection (ASC) function, transmitter channel is easily synchronized with the receiver channel;

  • With digital volume control system, light touch button control, easy to set and operate, dual UHF frequency synthesis for signal automatic picking.



Carrier frequency: UHF600-700MHz

Frequency stability: <+10PPM

Dynamic range: >105dB


Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz

Working distance:  with sight distance of 80m with no interference.

Receiver index:

Receiving mode: diversity technique

Output: balanced/non-balanced

Wireless access: BNC / 50 Ω

Sensitivity: 12dBuV (80DB S/N)

Sensitivity adjustment range: 12 ~ 32 dBuV

Spurious inhibition: ≥ 75dB

Maximum output level: +10dBV

Transmitter indicator:

Antenna: built-in

Output power: < 10mW

Stray suppression: -60dB

Power supply: Two 1.5v alkaline batteries of No. 5

Battery life: about 10 hours 

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