4-Channel Wireless Host SV-U104

This is a four-channel wireless microphone. This microphone applies the UHF frequency band and infrared automatic frequency as well as DPLL radio frequency locking technology. With professional audio compression and launch function and high-dynamic performance of more than 100 dB, offering high signal-to-noise ratio of over 105 dB, combined with high-end LCD screen for display, it can be used after being plugged in with no distortion, constant frequency and no noise, with energy saved and environment protected. The handhold microphone, clip-on microphone, desktop microphone and headsets are available for free combination.

  • Adopt the most advanced automatic frequency-selecting synthesized by frequency of digital lock, receiving accurate frequency and quickly selecting or switching channels, allowing users to freely change frequency while using multiple frequencies and overcoming the interference of frequency options.

  • Preset 300 frequencies specially selected to switch non-interference channels freely.

  • The host and microphone are equipped with LCD screen, showing the current working frequency and battery power, etc.

  • A single host supports 4 wireless microphones of U10 at the same time.

  • With one button for infrared automatic synchronization of frequency data.

  • With one button for automatic scanning idle frequency.

  • Balanced and unbalanced audio output, suitable for a variety of ways.

  • The maximum range of empty width is 100 meters, and the ideal range of empty width is 50 meters.

  • 4 desktop wireless microphones to be equipped for a host with automatic frequency control.

  • Each microphone needs two alkaline batteries at 1.5V or two rechargeable batteries.

  • Battery life: 8 hours

  • Power supply: DC 12-15V/1-2A

  • Working frequency: 600-700MHz

  • PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology: 4 groups of system frequency, each group of system contains 50 frequency adjustable, a total of 200 frequency points for sharing.

  • Frequency stability: <+10PPM

  • Dynamic range: >105dB

  • T.H.D.:<0.5%

  • Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz

  • Audio output: balanced output: 0-600mV/unbalanced output: 0-300mV

  • DC input voltage: DC12V/ 1000-1200mA

  • Power consumption: 8W

  • S/N signal-to-noise ratio: >105dB

  • T.H.D. distortion:<0.5%

  • Frequency response: 50hz-18khz

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