Wireless Microphone D2040

This wireless microphone can freely switch from smart mute to intelligent sleep or wakeup in 1 second, making an important effect in energy saving and completely preventing the squealing, and at the same time, solving the current consuming disadvantages when running power receiver in a long time. Users can follow their inclinations, allowed to use it during the meeting and feel its features. It also brings intelligent program relying on gyroscope for intelligent management, and lets the battery life of wireless microphone more than doubled, as innovative environmental protection and energy saving products.

Paperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker SystemAdvantages:

  • Dual channel design, each channel has 100 independent signal channels.

  • With AFS automatic frequency search function which can search and lock the cleanest working frequency in the actual environment.

  • With IR infrared automatic frequency control function.

  • With the function of multi-section adjustment, suitable for more occasions.

  • With the handheld transmitter built in three-axis gyroscope chip for somatosensory control of sleep, wakeup and power off.

  • The backlight LED display indicates the RF and AF signal intensity, battery status, diversity channel indicator (A/B), frequency, frequency group/channel and other working conditions.

  • The stable PLL phase lock circuit, combined with noise and noise control and digital pilot control technology, can effectively block the wireless interference in the environment.

  • Sound features: This is a microphone with automatic sound stop-start technology and clean and balanced sound. Excellent background noise control circuit to achieve zero noise, full and powerful medium and low frequency, dynamic sound, qualified high frequency without excessive inceasing, on the maximum restoration of the real voice.

   Handheld Unit:

  • Body material: all metal in aluminum

  • Oscillating mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis

  • Carrier frequency band: UHF600~700MHz

  • Frequency band width: 50MHz

  • Frequency adjustment: automatic lock receiver operating channel

  • Output power: 15mW

  • Harmonic radiation: < 55dBc

  • Maximum deviation: ±48KHz

  • Sound head: movable coil

  • Batteries: two AA batteries

  • Display: Battery capacity and channel on the LCD Screen at the same time


  • Oscillating mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis

  • Radio frequency stability: ± 0.005% (10 ~ 50 ℃)

  • Carrier frequency: UHF600~700MHz

  • Frequency width: 50MHz

  • Channel: 200CH

  • Operation: manual adjustment

  • Maximum deviation: ±48KHz

  • Integrated S/N ratio: > 102dB

  • Comprehensive T.H.D. : < 0.5% @1KHz

  • Frequency response: 60Hz~18KHz

  • Maximum output voltage: 0dbV @45khz

  • Output socket: XLR balanced and 6.3 non-balanced

  • Volume output adjustment: potentiometer type

  • Mute control mode: dual mute control of tone code and noise

  • Mute adjustment: -65dB ~ -100dB eight-segment electronic SQ adjustable (about 5-60m adjustable)

  • Power supply: DC12~15V/450~1000mA

Paperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker System