Conference microphone SV-M808A/SV-M808B

With embedded design, built-in IC card for check-in, and pluggable gold-plated screw interface for the microphone tube, the product is the microphone unit for the conference system. Adopted the new digital design and centralized power supply offered by networking of several devices, it can be connected with T-shaped 8-pin socket and controlled by remote controller. It adopts the flexible, durable and twistable goose-neck microphone tube and the embedded imported high-fidelity and remote adapterization MIC core as well as the anti-interference circuit for mobile phones to ensure the effect of the speaking. The standard length of the microphone tube is 450mm, and the extension type is optional. In addition, the unit can be used for camera tracking, check-in, voting and scoring.

  • Adopt new-type digital control design for conference microphone

  • Adopt IC card for check-in , equipped with built-in loudspeaker.

  • Embedded design for microphone and pluggable design for microphone tube.

  • Equipped with a key and indicator light to control/indicate the speaking state.

  • With single directivity, wind shield and anti-noise function.

  • With twistable capacitive tube for microphone and a speech indicating circle.

  • Supply with power by the mainframe of the system with an input voltage of 24V.

  • Connect an 8-Pin cable to “T” shaped connector.

  • With two sets of 3.5mm stereo output jack, which can be used for recording and connecting earphones.

  • Built-in hi-fi speaker with volume adjustment (automatically silent when microphone is turned on)

  • With voting/election/evaluation function

  • With automatic video tracking function

  • Meet international conference equipment and electrical equipment certification standards (IEC 60914) and international safety standards UL or CE certification

  • Features of Chairman unit SV-M808A

  • With the priority control button, you can set the prompt tone for chairman unit or forcibly close the delegate unit.

  • The number of chairman units in the system is unlimited and can be placed anywhere in the loop.

  • The chairman unit in the system is not subject to any conference-restricted functions.

  • Compatible Devices: SV-M800B, SV-M880B

  • Frequency response: 50hz-16khz

  • Sensitivity: -42db± 2dB

  • Reference distance: 20~120mm

  • Length of the tube: 450mm  

  • Net weight: 1.3Kg 

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Paperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker System