Conference System Host SV-M880B

Digital conference system host, with various functions including discussion and speech-delivering, video tracking and voting, can be operated by connecting to the computer or work independently without connecting to the computer. Allow users to select system control mode from the panel of the host from computer mode and host mode.

  • This mainframe can work by connecting to the computer or stand-alone.

  • Choose Mode: Computer mode or Host mode

  • Power in 400W, supporting 64 microphones in standard and 4096 microphones in extension.

    Features for working alone:

  • With digitron display on the panel

  • Multiple conference mode, including Free, Turn, Limit, Chairman for options. With A. OFF option and Prompt Tone option for chairman MIC.

  • Front panel of the mainframe and RF/IR remote controller can control the camera and track the microphone.

  • With built-in monitor amplifier, adjusting the volume with the knob on the front panel.

  • With 5channels for classifying audio in front panel and 4 standalone bus for microphone on the back panel.

  • With built-in 4-in 1-out camera for auto track and switch.

       Features when connecting with computer and other supporting equipment:

  • With the operational software interface for layout design, double-screen display available.

  • Voting function(agree/disagree/abstention).

  • Election (Multiple Choice available) Deliberation(100, 75, 50, 25, 0).

  • Camera with auto tracking function, tracking audio automatically under Free-discussion mode.

  • Discussion mode of the system: Free, FIFO( free setting for 1-12 microphones), Limit(free setting for 1-12 microphones), fixing time for each spokesman(1-250 minutes).

  • Combined with central control system to control all the functions of the conference system.

  •  Frequency response: 100Hz~18KHz

  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.1% @ 100Hz—18KHz.

  • Voltage Supply: AC~220V

  • Gross weight: 16.5Kg

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