Conference System Host SV-M500

This is a conference system host particularly designed to make a statement with features of high fidelity and high reduction. The main unit has four sets of 8P-DIN sockets for multiple channels of system connection, each of which can control up to 35 sets of attendance units, the regular products can connect 60 sets of attendance units of the conference system, and the additional capacity expanded equipment can increase to the attendance units of more than 150 sets.

  • With the function of limiting the number of speeches of attendance delegate.

  • With several modes to choose from: “1”, “2”, “3”, “5”and “open all”. When selecting “1”, the delegate can only be opened with a microphone, and who opens first speaks first. After the chairman device is cleared by pressing the priority key, it can enter the next round of procedures.

  • There is feedback inhibiting circuit, with high, medium and low tone digital adjustment circuit, independently adjusting the sound quality of system and microphone volume so that sound quality gets clearer.

  • It has output interface for balanced and unbalanced circuit to adapt to connection modes for various equipment.

  • Unique "T" type connection makes system installation easier.

Frequency response: 100Hz~18KHz

Total harmonic distortion: <0.1% @ 100Hz—18KHz.

Voltage Supply: AC~220V

Gross weight: 9.6Kg.

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