Embedded Conference Microphone SV-M803A/SV-M803B

This microphone is a commonly used speaking unit for conference system: an embedded conference microphone with high-end Aluminum wire-drawing panel and pluggable plated screwing connector of microphone tube. The microphone unit has "T" shaped 8-Pin socket for connection, supporting remote control for microphone. The built-in imported high-fidelity and remote adapterization MIC core as well as the anti-interference circuit for mobile phones to ensure the effect of the speaking. Additionally, the unit can be used for camera tracking, card-inserting check-in, voting and scoring.

  • A conference unit with voting function.

  • Be embedded in the table for installation.

  • With pluggable microphone tube.

  • Five buttons for voting/election/democratic appraisal.

  • With optional gold and black panel.

  • Powered by the mainframe of the conference system.

  • With the input voltage of DC 24V, which is in safe range.

  • Chairman microphone has the priority function to forcibly cut off the delegate units.

  • With single button and indicator light, can control the state of speech

  • With a red light circle on when switching on the microphone to indicate where the spokeman is.

  • With auto switch-off feature: the microphone will automatically shut down after 35 minutes’ mute.

  • Apply the capacitive microphone core and twistable tube, equipped with a replaceable windshield, and extension microphone is optional.

  • Using the SYSTEM-D cable, the unit has an 8P-DIN socket for the SYSTEM “T” connection. The extension cord can be customized according to the actual situation of the venue.

  • The chairman unit in the system is not restricted and can be placed anywhere in the loop

  • The number of chairman units in the system is unlimited and can be placed anywhere in the loop.

  • Compatible conference system: SV-M800B, SV-M880B

Frequency response: 50hz-16khz

Sensitivity: -42db± 2dB

Reference speaking distance: 200~600mm

Height of the tube: 450mm 

Net weight: 0.9Kg


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