The solution to the control problem of central control serial port and infrared

2018-10-08 15:16:18 Guangzhou Xunkong

The serial port beyond control

1. Make sure whether the agreement of the third party equipment is accurate and can be verified by directly controlling the third party equipment through computer.

2. Check whether the control line sequence of the central control host and the controlled equipment is correct. Please refer to the serial pin definition of the corresponding equipment.

3. Check whether the data instruction issued by central control is written correctly, especially make sure that the command data of equipment baud rate and central control serial port value is correc.

4. Connect the central control serial port with the computer serial port, and check whether the code is normal through the computer debugging software.

5. Replace other serial port test on the central control host.

Infrared beyond control

1. Check whether the infrared command and infrared channel switch are correct, and whether the corresponding infrared control command is correct.

2. Check whether the infrared transmitter at one end of the controlled equipment is detached or not attached to the infrared receiving area.

3. Check whether the infrared code of the controlled equipment has been entered into the machine. You can use the mobile phone camera to look at the infrared transmitter to see if the transmitter is flashing when the code is sent.

4. Try to block the strong light when learning infrared code, and press the remote control button for long or many times for learning.

5. Try to re-operate the infrared learning step.