Xunkong awarded four annual prize of digital audio-visual information network

2018-11-02 13:59:06 Guangzhou Xunkong

Recently, the “Top 10 Brands of Digital Audio-visual Engineering Manufacturers in 2017” sponsored by China digital audio-visual information network and digital audio-visual engineering magazine have come out right. The winners have been awarded medals.

“Top 10 Brands of Digital Audio-visual Engineering Manufacturers”, as one of the authoritative award activities in the industry, has been successfully held for ten years.This year's selection lasts for 60 days, and the preliminary list is generated after secret ballot of manufacturers, design institutes, dealers, engineers, terminal customers and media practitioners.The final selection list is generated after the comprehensive evaluation of the product R&D strength, market share, user satisfaction and other indicators of the shortlisted companies by authoritative experts in the digital audio-visual engineering industry, which is undoubtedly the highest affirmation of the comprehensive strength of the winning enterprise brand. In the end, for promoting enterprise development by scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development and technological progress, and continuously improving product scientific and technological content, added value and market share, Xunkong won four awards, namely “Top 10 Brands in Signal Processing", "Top 10 Brands in Digital Conference", " Top 10 Brands in Centralized Control" and "Emerging Brand in Audio Amplification".

Our company closely relies on scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development and technological progress to promote enterprise development. With a high-quality technology innovation team and advanced instruments and equipment, Xunkong steadily pushes forward the development of multimedia products, constantly improves enterprise core competitiveness and sustainable development ability. In 2017, our company's main products include three systems: high-definition hybrid matrix control system, digital media matrix audio amplification system and intelligent multimedia control system, which have also been approved by Guangdong high-tech enterprise association and won the recognition of high-tech products of Guangdong province.

In the past 14 years, the technology, management, service and innovation strength of Xunkong have all risen to a new level. The social value and user benefits brought by the successful transformation of scientific and technological achievements into products and the development of China's informatization with excellent technologies and products are inestimable. Xunkong has not only demonstrated its own strength, but also set a benchmark for the development of the industry. Based on this, digital audio-visual engineering network has officially awarded Xunkong four awards.