[Initiative] OLED Timing Conference Microphone SV-MT318A/B

2018-10-10 16:59:37 Guangzhou Xunkong

In recent years, Xunkong has been dedicated to improve the conception, design and research of new technologies and new products with leading companies in the industry. After the release of a series of new concept products (ASD matrix, net-server control system, conference microphone against mobile phone interference, etc.), Xunkong initially released the conference microphone SV-MT318A /B with OLED highlighting clock. It was pioneered in the industry in China , with patents shared, leading the trend of  the era as convenient application device. With this product, the speakers in a conference will no longer worry about timing limitation.

The functional requirements of this timing microphone were first proposed by Xunkong, and then took the advice of a German company, using the current high brightness, low energy consumption of the OLED display technology since OLED display technology features luminescence made by very thin organic materials coating and glass substrates, with brand viewing angle and electricity saved. The technology would be popular in the meeting industry, because even in very bright environment, the receiver clock would show the time clearly.Besides, it has a variety of timing modes. When the microphone is shut, the clock still works.  In addition, when the microphone is turned on, the countdown and direct timing speaking time can be defined. In the countdown mode, the reminding state will appear in the last 10 seconds. The indicator light of the microphone will flash from slow to fast, guiding the participants to control the speaking time. After the countdown, the microphone will be automatically closed, and the microphone will be turned on to enter the next countdown cycle. In the clockwise mode, participants can keep the speech in real time, plan and arrange the speech content in accordance with the estimated time, reduce the standing dish, and fundamentally solve he timeout problem. 

All the conference microphone clocks are unified within an error of less than 1 second. The consistency of the clock is reasonable and scientific. The quality and service is the most reasonable imporession. In the past years, perfect solutions and high quality service is provided to thousands of users, and absolutely the praise of customers would consistently emerge.

Anyway, breakthrough of a new technology is not only a force, but also a kind of glory and productivity. Additionally, innovation and hard work with pragmatic and aggressive ambition, teamwork and the efforts of countless individuals of Xunkong make the company a unity. And the open-minded Xunkong is willing to cooperate with all major brands in the conference industry to create a brilliant future as well.





Frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz

Sensitivity: -40db± 2dB

Reference speaking distance: 200~600mm

Height of the tube: 450mm  

Mobile desktop speaking unit with timing for conference.

With OLCD clock to display the time, timing and countdown is also available for speaking.

The conformity of the clock is rational and clock error is less than 1 second.

Automatically tracked by he camera.

Powered by the mainframe of the system and the input voltage is DC 18V.

With single button and indicator light, can control the state of speech

When the speech starts, the red light ring lights up simultaneously, indicating the position of the speaker clearly.

With auto switch-off feature: the microphone will automatically shut down after 35 minutes’ mute.

Apply the capacitive microphone core and twistable tube, equipped with a replaceable windshield, and extension microphone is optional.

Using the SYSTEM-D cable, the unit has an 8P-DIN socket for the SYSTEM “T” connection. The extension cord can be customized according to the actual situation of the venue.

Features of Chairman unit SV-M318A

The number of chairman units in the system is unlimited and can be placed anywhere in the loop.

The chairman unit is not restricted by various restricted functions.

 Compatible mainframe: SV-M800T