Celebrate the opening of SVS Business Center of China

2018-12-24 10:38:00 Guangzhou Xunkong

Xunkong has been founded for more than ten years and has been constantly growing and making progress. In the 11th year, Xunkong ushered in a milestone moment, which represented a huge progress. From the address selection, overall design, decoration and construction to official opening, China SVS business center took 2 years and 6 months. In order to build China SVS business center well, Xunkong has cost a lot of financial, material and human resources in this new office center. Invested the painstaking efforts of Xunkong people, this is full of the hope for all.

On June 22, 2012, the headquarters of Xunkong invited the managers and leaders of all branches nationwide to attend the opening ceremony of SVS business center of China and cut the ribbon together, which witnessed this historic moment of great importance for  Xunkong.

At the ceremony, there are crowded perople, with red carpets decorated, loud music  and firecrackers  as well as blooming.fireworks. 

Before the ceremony, the bosses and directors of all branches of the national SVS system were proud to leave their names on the signboard wall, and recorded their own marks on this "monument".

When the ceremony began, the executive director of Xunkong  represents all of the managers to deliver a speech. Mr. Zhang said that the completion of the business center is an important milestone in the development of our company,  and she will be the cradle of talent training for all emplyees as well as a product demonstration center for customer training and internal meeting. He claimed that we ould provide better services for customers and users in the coming future.  And he believed that we will make more outstanding contributions to the conference room construction with our ambition and determination. He finally said that he wiould spare no effort to lead the team to improve and develop our business, and firmly believe that Xunkong will be better tomorrow!

In the warm applause, Mr.Zhang and the leaders of all Xunkong branches came onto the stage one after another to cut the ribbon for the SVS business center of China. We raised the scissors together and cut the red silk representing the door of the SVS business center in the sound of salute.


In the drums, Mr. Zhang, the executive director of the Xunkong, Mr. Luo and Mrs. Fu (managers of the Guanzhou headquarter), got together for beginning the ritual. 

The opening ceremony of China SVS business center took one hour, but the short one hour was worth the excitement and pride of all SVS colleagues. After the ceremony, all the colleagues attending the conference had a happy group photo.

The official opening of China SVS business center is a milestone of Xunkong, and also a higher starting line for Xunkong. We believe that Xunkong can keep on going and lead the trend of China's audio and video industry, bringing more and better products and services to all customers across the country.