Celebrate 2009-2010 National Summit and 10th Anniversary of Xunkong Electronics

2018-10-31 09:40:30 Guangzhou Xunkong

We have said goodbye to the fruitful 2009 and ushered in the hopeful 2010. Looking back on the past, 2009 is a year of passion and struggle. Looking ahead, 2010 will be another year with rapid growth. At this time of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, we have ushered in the annual grand “festival”—Xunkong national meeting.

This year's national meeting was held in Jinjiang Hot Spring, the nation's first dynamic hot spring of AAAA grade. During the 3-day meeting, the head office made a comprehensive review and conclusion of work in 2009, the market breakthrough in 2010 and the development of new products, etc., and all the branch and local representatives spoke enthusiastically at the meeting.

In new products seminar, according to the feedback information from all branches, Xunkong gained customer recognition in products. Besides, this is also a new product release meeting to get new products known by local colleagues. This meeting made everyone know a more powerful future of Xunkong. What’s more, the new talents, new products and new markets of Xunkong will bring much new perspectives, new opportunities and new development.

Over the past ten years, Xunkong has received the unanimous support of all customers from all over the country. It is customers who have been with Xunkong for every day and night in this decade, and witnessed the progress of Xunkong. Thanks to all the customers of the company, and believe or not, the company would gain more support by offering more updated products and better and comprehensive quality services.