Why does the microphone in conference break off sometimes during the speaking?

2018-11-01 16:04:52 Guangzhou Xunkong

The wireless conference system work well in the meeting room, while the speaking will be intermittent in some places out of the room.  Under this occasion, you can: 

1. Check the meeting room to see whether there is RF interference from another wireless conference main unit available for example.

2. Test and find the proper Radio Frequency to receive the signal.

3. Check the distance between the Wireless Conference main unit and the microphone to see whether it is too far away between them to receive the signal or there are walls blocking them.

4. Lengthen the antenna of Wireless conference main unit (50-5 coaxial cable is available for lengthening the antenna).

5.  Add SV-TNT signal Amplifier to extend the range of the radio signal.