• Xunkong Built A Paperless Conference Center for A Company

    Xunkong created a paperless conference center successfully for a company. This conference center was formed by a total of 35 seats, which used 35 sets of 17.3-inch motorized LCD screens and motorized microphones respectively controlled by their own. It can easily be used for regular conference, multimedia conference, paperless conference and other conferences.

    2019-12-26 Xunkong

  • Xunkong Has Created A Digitalized Conference Room for A Group Company

    Xunkong has created a digitalized and well-designed compact conference room for a group company, providing wireless Time-keeping Conference System that is practical, qualified and of good performance. The conference project was highly praised by the users.

    2019-06-13 Xunkong

  • Xunkong Created video conference center for a group company

    In order to create a video conference center for the group company, considering the existing office equipment and furniture, Xunkong tried to provide the venue with more flexibility and technology. Fi

    2018-10-30 Xunkong

  • Xunkong creates showrooms for a tech company

    Xunkong has created a corporate culture and product exhibition hall for a technological company, managing all the systems including the broadcast system, environmental management systems, display and


  • Xunkong completed a large digital conference project for a group company

    Recently, Xunkong has finished a large digital conference project which includes setting up conference system for a reception room, a conference room and a training room.


  • Xunkong Created an advanced digital conference center for a company

    Xunkong has created an advanced digital conference center for a limited company. This is a conference center which can accommodate nearly 50 people with great decoration and excellent sound field range. Under such occasion, Xunkong recommended the line array speaker D2022 for strengthening the sound effect of the conference room.

    2017-10-04 Guangzhou Xunkong

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