Introduction of the function and signals of HD hybrid matrix

2018-11-02 14:33:13 Guangzhou Xunkong

HD hybrid matrix is a high performance high definition video signal switching device. It supports multiple kinds of audio and video signal input an output, any signal output is free to choose any signal source and does not interfere with other output signals, which causes the minimum possible signal transmission attenuation and ensures that the image and sound signals can be Hi-fi output.

In recent years, with the rapid development of various types of video signal, the traditional CVBS, VGA signal before have been unable to meet the demand of people’s vision, but the video equipment update is out of sync with the old, expecially for video conference or command center, which need to be compatible with a variety of signal source format and support HD,4K ignal even higher resolution video signal of seamless, quickly switch to be obtained. Such traditional single signal video matrix (e.g., VGA matrix, HDMI, DVI matrix matrix, etc.) will not be able to meet the requirements,  the advantage of the hybrid matrix immediately displayed, it thoroughly solved the problem of the decrease of the quality of the video signal and unstable compatibility of signal cuased by a series of video converter for signal source diversity and pluralism.

The System Diagram of HD Hybrid Matrix:

Paperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker SystemThe current HD hybrid matrix mostly adopts plug-in mode, and the signal interfaces supporting various formats are integrated on a single board card. The signal types cover the signals such as CVBS, YPbPr, VGA, HDMI, DVI, SDI, HDBaseT and fiber, as shown in the figure below: 


All output channels of HD hybrid matrix support seamless switching, without flicker, black screen, jitter and crack during signal switching, and support various commonly used signal resolution changes and Settings.

Paperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker System

The control mode of HD hybrid matrix can be varied, generally supporting the centralized control of RS-232 central control touch screen, the control of professional computer software, and the built-in key/touch screen control of the host:


Professional HD hybrid matrix D3008