Implementation Meeting of Intellectual Property Management System Launched

2017-03-31 18:00:32 Guangzhou Xunkong

On March 28, 2017, Implementation meeting of intellectual property management system was held successfully by Guangzhou Xunkong. The general manager of the company, main heads of all departments and members of the intellectual property management department jointly attended the meeting.


The general manager clarified the responsibility of the leadership team and members of the working group, reviewed the preparatory work, and elaborated the intellectual property management for crucial guiding role for the development of the company. Besides, he also pointed out that the execution  was  a turning point for the development of enterprise strategy the company various departments to effectively apply the intellectual property system in each link so that the enterprise intellectual property management standardization and streamline would be realized, which also required the full attention and management of all the members, from leaders to staff members. And all the members of Xunkong are required to strengthen the quantity and quality of patent, copyright and other intellectual property applications to protect the company's sustainable and rapid development. 


It was believed that in the implementation process of establishing an efficient intellectual property management system, the company will effectively improve its comprehensive management ability, product innovation ability and overall operation ability, and strive to build a multi-media brand with high-tech products and high service system.