4-Channel Wireless Microphone SV-U204

This is the four-channel and true-diversity wireless microphone, with super-short aluminum alloy square tube to be the microphone rod, in artistic and delicate design. Configured with imported Hypercardioid microphone core, it uses true diversity reception. Each channel has double circuits and double antenna, tracking and matching the signal in real time. Featured with strong anti-interference, it has no dead point in effective range. It automatically matches the frequency and transfers the signal in the range of 80 meters without any noise. With 300 groups of frequency points and auto pilot-based technology adopted, there is no crosstalk even if there is 10 sets in use.











True diversity wireless microphone.

It has a total of 144 UHF frequency channels available for each of 9 groups.

It applies diversity receiving system, with four independent receiving lines for the most stable reception.

With a LCD screen for showing the battery and working status.

It applies advanced digital sound code locking technology to block noise interference in the working environment effectively.

With the function of automatic selection of channels (ASC), transmitter channel and receiver channel is easy to be automatically synchronized.

It adopts digital volume control system with a touch-button for control, easy to set and use, double channel UHF frequency synthesis automatic selection.

Frequency Range: 600MHz~700MHz;

Frequency Stability: ±0.005%;

Frequency Response: 50-18KHz±3dB;

SNR:  >105dB

Distortion: ≤0.5%

Working Distance: 80m with no interference 

Parameters of the Receiver

Receiving Mode: diversity technique

Output Mode: Balance/Unbalance

Wireless Access: BNC/50Ω

Sensitivity: 12dBuV(80DB S/N)

Sensitivity Range: 12-32 dBuV

Spur Reduction: ≥75dB

Maximum Output Level: +10dBV 

Parameters of the Transmitter
Antenna: Built-in

Output Power: <10mW

Spur Reduction: -60dB

Power Supply: 2 No.5 Alkaline batteries of 1.5V

Battery Life: About 10 Hours