Four-Channel Power Amplifier CSD400

CSD series of amplifiers are Pure post-stage audio power amplifiers with high S/N ratio, low power consumption, high efficiency as well as multi-protection such as protection from burning, load short, overvoltage, direct current, distortion, etc. The product adopts the electronic components of global brand as the main material like capacitance, amplifier tube, silent roll-ball fan, etc. Adopting the high precision SMT tech and high density aluminum alloy for heat dissipation, the amplifier uses the wide voltage and high power power supply and PFC for voltage stabilization so that it can work normally in low voltage because of the enough energy.


Visible Quality

Apply switching power supply, it is light in small size, highly efficient with low energy consumption and strong anti-interference as well as energy conservation and environment protection.


Industrial  Elaborate Amplifier

CSD series power amplifier, precisely manufactured, can adapt to all kinds of harsh working environment and show high stable performance and effect. It is an ideal power amplifier for professional multimedia engineering. 


Output Power(W) 8Ω: 2×500W+2×500W

Output Power(W) 4Ω: 2×750W+2×750W

Bridge Output(W) 8Ω: 1500W+1500W
Channel Isolation: 110dB(at 1KHz)  80dB(at 20KHz)

Frequency Range: 20Hz-25KHz(+/-0.3dB)

Input Impedance: 20KΩ(Balance)/10KΩ(Unbalance)

Input Level: 1.000

S/N Ratio: ≥102dB

Bare Weight: 24.1KG

Product Weight: 26.9KG