Multi-screen Video Processor D6003S

D-series multi-screen splicing processor is the latest hardware image processing device. Based on a powerful FPGA processing platform, it is high-performance, which supports various cards of any interface type for flexible configuration. In addition, Supports roaming, overlaying, window opening and display, specially designed for different occasions that have large screens and need multi-screen display. It is suitable for various types of venues, such as meeting rooms, command center, monitoring center, exhibition center, advertising media center, and other venues for performance and entertainment and others.

Adopts 5U high enclosure that is based on FPGA rack-mounted and modular design.

Supports 18 video inputs and 36 video outputs. 

Embedded with a 4.3 inch true-color touch screen for standalone control.

Supports video inputs of HDMI, DVI, DP, HDBaset, SDI and VGA, with the input 2K and 4K signal source supported and detected in real time.

HDMI and DVI signal for output with the output resolution up to 1920*1200@60Hz.

Independent control board supported, 1 RJ45 and 2 RS-232 two-way communication ports available.

LED screen, LCD screen and matrix mode supported for 3 application scenarios.

Optional IP board supports IP camera for direct input, supporting RTSP and ONVIF standard format  

Supports visual control mode, real-time image preview and direct drag-and-drops.

Features control function, with control interface to be freely edited.

Supports seamless cross-switching between scenes and video signals, no black screen or jitter during the switching process.

Supports diverse display effects like multi-screen splicing, picture in picture, image overlapping, single-screen display, etc.

Supports windowing as well as roaming, overlapping, zooming out, stretching and cutting, including windowing for a single signal source at will.

Supports scenario call, save and polling functions.

Supports optional subtitle, high-definition background, preview and echo function as well as video signal preview in real time in the upper computer.

Supports screens grouping, with the display wall divided into multiple groups and controlled independently.

Real time detection for input signal, OSD display of signal source, with the position of OSD settable.

Opens 2 windows for a single output, optionally choosing the display resolution for output, with a variety of commonly used resolutions built-in.

RS-232 and LAN control, directly connected to the central control system.

Cards and cables can be hot plugged, and the video signal can be identified and recovered quickly, convenient for emergency maintenance.

Intelligent fan with automatic speed and intelligent temperature control.

Power cut memory, online upgrade, work log, import and export of user information function supported.