HDMI Signal Matrix Switcher D3001(S)

DS series of signal matrix switcher is the integrated processing equipment developed by our company. It supports processing functions for audio/video signal and control signal. It is designed with plug-in signal cards, supporting HDMI, VGA, DVI and SDI video signals, and it also has serial port, infrared, light-current controller and IO interfaces. It can meet the requirements of various application occasions such as lecture hall, multi-function hall, paperless conference room, video conference room, command center, digital exhibition hall, etc. for high-speed video and audio signal switching and central control.


With high-performance equipment for HD AVsignal and control signal processing, it adopts 19-inch frame and plug-insignal cards.

It uses FPGA structure with 8-in and 8-out cardslots for HD audio and video signal in maximum and 2 plug-in video signal cardsare available for input and output respectively.

It supports 4 types of control cards, includingserial card, infrared card, I/O card and low-current relay card.

It supports couples of different video signals tobe used in combination and to be switched seamlessly.

It supports different control signals, includingRS232/RS485/IR/IO/RELAY/TCP.

Front Panel is embedded with 4.3-inchfull-color touch screen, supporting manual control and user-definedinterface.

The matrix is built with 7-channel RS232/485communication serial ports, 1-channel RJ45 network port and 8-channel I/Ocontrol ports.

It supports various input video signalcombinations, including HDMI/DVI/VGA/SDI signal.

It supports various output video signalcombinations, including HDMI/DVI/VGA signal.

Allow random signal combinations with 36 outputresolution are available.

The input channel has the user-definedcharacter superimposition function.

Different control solutions: IR, RS232/RS485, TCP/IPand the built-in touch screen..

 With 20 scenes preset and invokingfunction as well as power-off condition.

It supports dual-power redundancy function.

Dimensions: 483*220*315MM