Conference Speaker D2021

D2021 is a compact high-power line array speaker with four 4.5-inch full-frequency units and two 3-inch treble units of well-known imported brands, built-in high-precision dividers and high-end Finnish birch boards.The speaker unit adopts the new 3D installation and the non-traditional simple plane arrangement for installation, which ensures that the output sound wave of different units does not stack so that the sound produced is clearer, the effective sound field is wider, and the acoustic wave energy is avoided to be offset, which naturally achieves the effect of high fidelity sound quality and high degree of restoration.Because of its small size, high power, cascading superposition and easy installation, it is widely used in high-end conference rooms, cinemas, lecture halls and auditoriums.



  • Composition: LF: 2×4.5 inches, HF :1x3 inches

  • Frequency response (-3dB) : 85Hz ~20KHz

  • Coverage Angle (-6 dB) :  90 ° (h) ×90 °(v)

  • Sensitivity: 97dB

  • SPL output: 97dB/AES continuous, 118 dB/peak  

  • Standard impedance: 16 Ω

  • Input power: 150W (AES rated) /300W(peak)

  • Power requirements: 200-300W 8 Ω

  • Frequency: 3000Hz

  • Surface: Black environmental wear-resistant paint

  • Net weight: 4 Kg

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