17.3 Inch Motorized LCD Screen and Microphone SV-LCD17(TL)

This series of ultra-thin LCD lift is integrated with the screen and microphone, which is nice-looking and elaborate by using aluminum alloy materials for most of its body and one-time molded metal shell, with the embedded17.3-inch HD(16:9) LCD screen for standard configuration and touch tablet for optional. The product power adopts right-angle superposition gear and rack for transmission and synchronous belt drive of synchronous wheel, which combines linear bearing guidance to complete accurate movement. Coordinated with high-class unit of conference system, it can also be used independently and work with conference system in networking.


  • Integrated with main body, display screen and the microphone.

  • Electric lifting available for display screen or microphone respectively.

  • With the embedded17.3-inch HD(16:9) LCD screen, optimum resolution of 1920*1080 and IPS angle of view.

  • With embedded capacitive touch screen, supporting 10-spot touch and working without any drive.

  • The screen with narrow aluminum-alloy edge processed with wiredrawing.

  • Adopt electric lifting, driven from linear bearing guide pillar to gear rack with low noise, stable and reliable.

  • Feature auto-open and auto-close for the exit on the sealing case which is waterproof and dustproof.

  • Automatic power supply/power cut  for the display screen.

  • With twistable gooseneck microphone which can adjust the direction of the microphone.  

  • Chairman microphone with stand-alone warning tone, and precedence button to switch off other delegate microphones with one press.

  • Adopt the exclusive 8-pin cable for conference with hand-in-hand connection.

  • Configured with conference mainframe to support the video tracking function.

  • With interface for VGA/HDMI signal source, compatible with conference system.

  • With computer-control I/O interface, USB and 2-channel RS485 serial ports.

  • Power supply is based on the intensity of current, stable and reliable.

  • Support the control of remote-controller of RS485. 

Parameters for the Speaking Unit of Conference

  • Frequency: 50Hz-16KHz

  • Sensitivity: -42dB±2dB

  • Adapterization distance: 200~600mm

  • Microphone length: 445mm

Power supply of the speaking unit is from the mainframe of conference system