Stand-alone Motorized Microphone D3070A/D3070B

This is microphone lift integrated with the embedded microphone. Made by aluminum alloy, configured with one-time molded metal case, Microphone lift looks very exquisite and artistic. The power adopts synchronizing wheel and synchronous belt driving by precision motor drive and linear bearing for guide, with the advantage of low noise, stability, shock-resistant performance and quick-response. Coordinating with high-class unit of conference system, it features high sensitivity, high reduction and remote adapteration. The microphone lift can be used by stand-alone and network for conference system, controlled by manual buttons, RS-485, wireless remote controller, and so on. It is easy to be installed and operated, applying to the innovative and high-end conference rooms as well as the environment with advanced requirements for clean and tidy conference table.

  • Panel is made by aluminum alloy with wiredrawing  process, durable and high-class.

  • With control buttons including up, down, pause, and switch, chairman microphone is configured with precedence button.

  • With the function of auto-open when microphone ascends and auto-close when descending.

  • Automatically switch off the microphone after descending.

  • Automatically centralize the microphone while descending.

  • Adopt synchronizing wheel and synchronous belt for driving with stability.

  • With quick-response, stable motor drive, low noise and long operating life.

  • With built-in twistable gooseneck microphone which can adjust the direction of the microphone.  

  • Chairman microphone with stand-alone warning tone, and precedence button to switch off other delegate microphones with one press.

  • Adopt the exclusive 8-pin cable for conference with hand-in-hand connection.

  • Configured with conference mainframe to support the video tracking function.

  • Support button, remote controller, RS232/RS485 interface for control.

  • Adopt power supply of AC/220V/50Hz.

   Parameters for the Speaking Unit of Conference

  • Frequency: 50Hz-16KHz

  • Sensitivity: -42dB±2dB

  • Adapterization distance: 200~600mm

  • Microphone length: 445mm

  • The power comes from the conference mainframePaperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker System

Paperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker System