Desktop Microphone SV-MT618A/SV-MT618B

This conference microphone is a unit in the networking of the conference system, which includes chairman unit and delegate unit. The unit has a new-type OLED display screen for representing the programmed clock, speech timing, countdown or asking for service, checking in and voting, making the meeting more efficient and high-quality. The unit is equipped with high-grade imported microphone and digital processing circuit to present high fidelity, high sensitivity and long distance speaking effect.The microphone tube with screwed plating interface seamlessly combines base t to ensure long life without noise. In addition, the unit also has automatic camera tracking, check-in and selection, service apply, automatic shutdown and other functions.This product is a rare innovative product in the conference industry of the new era. The conference system formed is simple, easy to use, powerful and effective, and works for the meeting with high requirements for speaking.


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  • With OLCD clock to display the time, timing and countdown is also available for speaking.

  • The conformity of the clock is rational and clock error is less than 1 second.

  • Automatically tracked by he camera.

  • Powered by the mainframe of the system and the input voltage is DC 24V.

  • With single button and indicator light, can control the state of speech

  • With 5 buttons for voting, supporting check-in, election and voting and other functions.

  • With a service button which can be cooperated with the mainframe to ask for service.

  • When the speech starts, the red light ring lights up simultaneously, indicating the position of the speaker clearly.

  • With auto switch-off feature: the microphone will automatically shut down after 35 minutes’ mute.

  • Apply the capacitive microphone core and twistable tube, equipped with a replaceable windshield, and extension microphone is optional.

  • The microphone is equipped with voting button which can cooperate with mainframe and software to check in, vote and elect.

  • Using the SYSTEM-D cable, the unit has an 8P-DIN socket for the SYSTEM “T” connection. The extension cord can be customized according to the actual situation of the venue.


    Features of Chairman unit SV-MT618A

  • The number of chairman units in the system is unlimited and can be placed anywhere in the loop.

  • The chairman unit is not restricted by various restricted functions.

  • Compatible mainframe: SV-M800T

  •  Frequency response: 20hz-20Khz

  • Sensitivity: -44db± 2dB

  • Reference speaking distance: 200~600mm

  • Installation: Mobile desktop.

  • Height of the tube: 450mm  


Paperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker System