Time-keeping Conference System Host SV-M880T

This time-keeping Conference System host adopts the design with high integration, which is the core component of the conference system. It is mainly responsible for power supply, two-way communication control and camera control of the conference system units, and it is also the control center of the entire conference system.The host adopts multi-thread design with high-speed calculation to avoid crash.The mainframe has multiple conference modes for option, with speech timing, camera control, 48K sampling ability, D/A,A/D conversion module, hi-fi audio output, matrix control and other functions.

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  • Speech timing and camera tracking meeting system for discussion, tracking and speech timing function.

  • With high-fidelity digital voice processing, balanced audio output and telephone coupler interface.

  • Operated with connection to computer or stand-alone  independently.

  • Able to select the system control mode from the mainframe panel: computer mode and mainframe mode, with the power of 400W for controlling computer and 64 sets of delegate/chairman units.

  • A single mainframe can support 250 speaking units, which can be extended to 4096 units through multiple extended mainframes.

    Features for working as standalone mainframe:

  • With 4 sets of independent microphone interfaces with the function of automatic allocation of microphone address to meet different needs.

  • With digitron display on the panel

  • Multiple conference mode, including Free, Turn, Limit, Chairman for options.

  • Chairman music prompt tone is optional;

  • Front panel 4 audio classification regulation, rear panel with 4 independent microphone bus;

  • If camera tracking is required, it shall be matched with an independent mainframe with camera tracking function.

    The main machine connecting to the computer and the corresponding peripheral equipment has the following functions:

  • The timing mode of the presentation can realize the recording of the presentation time of the meeting, timing, countdown and other functions.

  • The discussion mode of the system can be implemented in the following modes: FREE, FIFO (which can be automatically set to 1-12), LIMIT (which can be freely set to 1-12) and specify the time that each person in the general assembly can speak (1 to 250 minutes), track and set microphone layout, etc.;

  • It can cooperate with SVS and other central control systems to realize omni-directional control of the conference system.

Paperless Conference System|HD Hybrid Matrix|Central Control System|Featured Loudspeaker System