Conference System Host MS-900P

Digital conference system main unit with the new and high integration design is the core component of the conference system.

Digital conference system main unit with the new and high integration design  is the core component of the conference system, as the control center of the conference system mainly in charge of the centralized power supply for  supporting units of the system, dual-direction communication control and Camera control. Adopting multi-threading high-speed calculation to avoid system crash. The equipment set several options for conference mode, supporting camera control, audio sampling at  48KHz, switching between D/A and A/D module, high-fidelity audio output and matrix control, etc.

Product Features:

  • Support video tracking for spokesman when delivering a speech.

  • Multiple options for conference mode is available: Free, Turns, Limit, Chairman and Prompt.

  • With LCD display screen and three supporting buttons including menu, option and save on the front panel.

  • With 4 standalone volume adjusting knobs.

  • With built-in control module for camera and RS485/RS422 interface, agreeing with VISCA and Pelco-D

  • With 4 groups of independent microphone BI(Bus Interface)

  • With 1 channel of matrix RS232 interface accessible for Xunkong matrix, supporting cameras with different interfaces for video tracking.

  • With 1 channel of RS232 interface for computer accessible for quick setting, tracking and voting by upper computer software.

  • With extension interface accessible for the extension of the main equipment and microphone.

  • With DATA extension interface accessible for video extension mainframe.

  • With 1 group of MIX output, volume adjustable.

  • With 1 channel of XLR for balanced audio output.

  • With 1 group of telephone coupler input and output interface.

  • Frequency response: 100Hz~18KHz

  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.1% @ 100Hz—18KHz.

  • Voltage Supply: AC~220V

  • Gross weight: 13.5 Kg.

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