Conference Microphone MS-M90A/MS-M90B

Digital Wireless Conference Microphone is the speech-delivering unit for conference system, applying streamline appearance design and pluggable plated screw connector for microphone. With a T-shaped 8-pin socket to connect to the system, the microphone for chairman, including the other microphones for delegates under its control, adopts the flexible, durable and twistable goose-neck microphone that is embedded with the imported high-fidelity and remote adapterization MIC core as well as the anti-interference circuit for mobile phones to ensure the effect of the speaking. Besides, this unit supports the features of camera shooting, touchable button for speaking and indicator light and auto power-off, etc.

  • With camera audio-tracking function.

  • Power supply offered by the mainframe of conference system with 18V voltage, in safety.

  • With buttons for speaking and indicator light, freely control the speaking.

  • When the speech starts, the red light ring lights up simultaneously, indicating the position of the speaker clearly.

  • With auto switch-off feature: the microphone will automatically shut down after 35 minutes’ silence.

  • Apply the capacitive microphone core and twistable tube, equipped with a replaceable windshield, and extended microphone is optional.

  • Using the SYSTEM-D cable, the unit has an 8P-DIN socket for the SYSTEM “T” connection. The extension cord can be customized according to the actual situation of the venue.

    Features of Chairman unit MS-M90A

  • The number of chairman units in the system is unlimited and can be placed anywhere in the loop.

  • The chairman unit is not restricted by various restricted functions.

  • Compatible with the mainframe of the conference system: MS-800P, MS-900P

  • Speaking Unit:

  • Frequency response: 50hz-16khz

  • Sensitivity: -42db± 2dB

  • Reference speaking distance: 200~600mm

  • Installation: Mobile &Table-stand

  • Dimensions: 153 x 135 x 58mm

  • Height of the duct: 390mm  

  • Net weight: 0.7 kg 

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